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5-head lamp Martrix Blinder

5-head lamp Martrix Blinder

5-head lamp Martrix Blinder

Detailed description

                                               5-head OSRAM lamp Pixel Martrix blinder light


1)  Each lamp is independent control as Pixel, individually. 

2)  And lamps' Color temperature: 3200K (Warm Golden), or 5600K (White) optional.

3)  Built-in programs to display digital, letter, and to run the dimmer, strobe, video conversion and other programs, 

     and more effect programs can be editted as your own. 

4)  Built-in program, strobe effect with adjustable speed, dimmer, pixel effect of functions, etc.. 

5)  Sound controlled via built-in microphone and sound sensitivity adjustable.

6)  LED display and Neutrik connector, easy and convenient to operate.

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