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VR-350 VR-350 VR-350 VR-350 VR-350
  • Name : VR-350
  • NO : VR-350

Detailed description


Name: 350 moving head light beam pattern

Model number: VR - 350

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage: AC100V240V5060Hz

Total power: 500 W

Light source: 17R *350W short arc discharge lamp

Optics: 4 optical lenses, electron focusing 0-45 degrees

Color: 13 colors + blank, can do two-way variable speed rainbow effect

Rotating pattern: 13 customizable rotating pattern pieces + blank space

Pattern 112 customizable rotating pattern +blank , linear zooming

Pattern 2:14 fixed pattern pieces + blank, the pattern can do flow and vibration effect, speed and zoom adjustable

Prism: a 8 prism, a 16 prism, can be superimposed with 24 prism effect, positive and negative rotation

Horizontal: 540 ° (scan) 16 bit precision electronic error correction

Vertical scanning: 270 ° (scan) 16 bit precision electronic error correction

Effect wheel: effect movement, atomization function

Stroboscopic: from fast to slow, it supports mechanical stroboscopic and adjustavle speed stroboscopic effect, and supports stroboscopic macro function

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Cooling system: forced convection cooling

Control mode: DMX512, self-propelled mode,master-slave

Channel number: 16/21 CH

Display: 2.8 inch LCD display, switch between Chinese and English

Protection grade: IP20, built-in overheating and trigger the high pressure protection

Package : 1pc in a carton

Size: L360*W275*H600mm

Package dimension : 460*440*580mm

Net weight: 17KG

Carton gross weight : 21KG


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