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LP-1203 LP-1203 LP-1203 LP-1203 LP-1203 LP-1203 LP-1203
  • Name : LP-1203
  • NO : LP-1203

Detailed description

Name: LED waterproof washing par light

Model number: LP - 1203

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage: AC100V ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz

Total power: 360 W

LED lamp beads: 120 * 3w. R:30.G:30.B:30.W:30

Lens Angle: 25 degrees (optional 8/15/45/60 degrees)

Channels: 3/8 mode selection

Control mode: DMX-512 control operation, master slave mode, single machine mode, 8 built-in effects can be selected through DMX control platform and established procedures

Color: continuous red, green, blue and white color conversion, RGBW unlimited color mixing rainbow effect, adjustable speed

Dimming: 0-100%

Display: four 8-segment digital tube

Stroboscopic: electron stroboscopic 1-25fps/ sec

Heat dissipation: through high quality die-casting aluminum radiator cooling by convection, intelligent static fan assisted heat dissipation

IP rating : IP66

Net weight: 14KG



Product features:

* strong signal protection function.

* lightning protection against lightning strikes.

* unique arrangement of lamp beads to increase light efficiency

* intelligent temperature control protection function

* products have passed CE.ROHS certification

* the products meet the national inspection standards of gb7000.201-2008 and gb7000.1-2007 lamps and lanterns

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