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China Heicha Meishan ancient stage

China Heicha Meishan ancient stage

China Heicha Meishan ancient stage

Detailed description

Anhua is located in Hunan Province in the north, the middle reaches of Zishui River, with a total area of 4950 square kilometers, is the third largest county in Hunan Province, cultivated land 64 million mu, 589 million acres of forest, the forest coverage rate reached 76.5%. Anhua tea has a long history, known as: "Chinese Tea Capital" reputation! At present, South County District has completed a total of 25 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, Shengshi first city, Chen Yun Shanghai City, waterfront landscape city, southern Washington a group of fine residential rapid rise. Investment 180000000 yuan, an area of 45 acres of Rome Commercial Plaza has become a landmark building. Black tea market, tea street to speed up the building, taking tea culture as the theme, 1800 meters long Xuefeng Lake Avenue landscape scenery zone has been fully completed.
According to the characteristics of Anhua county is rich in tourism resources, promote tea and tourism integration construction, build famous side in fact, China's "black tea". The stage lighting sound investment amounted to about 2000000 yuan, Guangzhou Wan Rui lighting equipment Co., Ltd. through the project team audit, on-site inspection, a number of assessment projects, is currently under construction, the use of VANRAY million sharp beam lights, LED lights, LED wash wall lamp, etc.! In August 29, 2015 the first rehearsal, constantly exciting!

This is a world of Chinese civilization and confidence, the spread of Chinese tea culture grand journey, but also the new Anhua tea set sail, is the pride of Chinese tea industry.

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